Jenny Bloomfield / Mel Lyons
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Call and Response

Artists Statement

Artists tend to be sensitive to the notion of influence. In the process of making art one is constantly aware of other artists' work and continually attempting to put these influences aside in order to allow for an honest and authentic approach. Collaboration turns that process on its head. It is liberating to accept direct influence as a positive thing - in fact it is required. It is a challenge of a different order to be generous with what is most dear to one and to remain open-minded.

This collaboration grew out of the experience of sharing several studios over the course of the last few years. Painting and sculpture have been created in the same space. Rather than separating our activities we found ourselves organically integrating our concerns, compositional issues and working attitudes. Where we most strongly diverge and perhaps could hardly be more different is in the process of making.

The sculpture proceeds from a strict set of rules and is often designed before the making begins. The painting tends to respond more to its own making, accumulating layers of self-generated influences. The sculptures are made of painted wooden poles, implying lines and circles. Compositionally, they can suggest stripes, curves and grids. The paintings are constructed of similar compositional elements in their exploration of a parallel visual rhythm.

The pairings in "Call and Response" are not intended to provide direct correlations between specific paintings and sculptures but rather to emphasize the sense of responsiveness present in the studio. No one sculpture was made to be paired with any single painting and vice versa. The pairings in this presentation emphasize the integrity of the response and the strength of the relationships between the work.

Jenny Bloomfield
Mel Lyons
December 2004

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Jenny Bloomfield
Yellow White (2002)
Oil on Canvas
60" x 90"

Mel Lyons
Black Gray Structure (2002)
Painted Wood
84" x 84" x 84"